Wednesday, March 9th

Our food is prepared throughout the day. Please feel free to call to see when your selections will be ready.

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St. Patrick's Menu


Soup of the Day
Vegetarian Split Pea

Dessert Special
Apple Crumble
$12.95 & $6.95

Sweet Red Pepper
Stuffed with Red Quinoa Pilaf, Cilantro, Monterey Jack Cheese & Green Chilies, with a Toasted Coriander & Cumin Creme Fraiche

$13.95 & $7.50

Chicken Piccata 
with a Lemon Caper Sauce
$13.95 & $7.50

Southern Shrimp & Grits
$19.95 & $10.50

Grilled Vegetable Lasagna

Cottage Pie

$14.95 & $7.95

Late in the day
Asian Chicken Salad 
with Julienned Snow Peas, Carrots, Water Chestnuts, Green Onions
and a Creamy Sesame Vinaigrette
$9.95 & $5.50

Caribbean Pork Tenderloin
with Caramelized Onion & Cilantro Creme Fraiche
$13.95 & $7.50

Salmon Cakes
with a Lemon Creme Fraiche
$14.95 & $7.95

Summer Squash Souffle
Steamed Kale & Carrots
Wild Mushroom Risotto
with Shaved Asiago Cheese
Haricot Vert
with Toasted Almonds & Brown Butter

Late in the Day
Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Vegetable Medley
with Asparagus, Portabella Mushrooms, Zucchini, Sweet Corn & Red Onion
Spinach Souffle

Spreads & Breads
Triple Cream Goat Brie
Cambazola Blue Wedges
President Brie Wedges
Spinach Dip
Black Bean Hummus
Crostini & Focaccia
Cheese Straws
Large or Mini Cheddar Biscuits


Orange Sunshine Bars
Pecan Bars
Lemon Squares

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